Wojtek van Barneveld Fencing & Coaching is run by Wojtek van Barneveld (07-03-1981). Before becoming a fencing coach Wojtek has been a competitive fencer for many years on both foil and epee. He started coaching/teaching in the Netherlands with several clubs before choosing fencing as a professional carreer.

As a professional coach Wojtek gathered experience at Feagteklubben Trekanten in Copenhagen (DK) and Fighting Fit Fencing in London (UK).

After returning to the Netherlands in 2010 he started his own fencing academy (Schermacademie Brabant) and focussed on teaching fencing in schools and clubs in the southern part of The Netherlands.

In 2013 Wojtek started working in Germany at Merkur Kleve. In 2014 Eintracht Duisburg was added to the list of clubs using his teaching skills. This big shift in nature and location of his activities was the main reason for changing the company name to “Wojtek Van Barneveld Fencing & Coaching.

From April 2018 Wojtek started a fulltime position as head of fencing at Dulwich College Shanghai,China

During his career Wojtek has coached many fencers (both foil and epee) from The Netherlands, Denmark, Great Britain, Germany & Belgium on their way to nationals titels and representing their country at cadet/junior European and World Championships.

In the past he has been part of the coaching staff at major fencing events for the national federations of The Netherlands, Great Britain, England & Denmark.