WVBF&C is very proud of the progress and results made by the fencers of Merkur Kleve & Eintracht Duisburg during this year’s North-Rhein qualifing season. A large group of fencers managed to qualify for the National Youth Championships to be held in the upcoming months. WVBF&C wishes all fencers strong motivation, good luck and results during the last leg of the fencing season.

DM B-JUGEND FLORET (Halle 23/24 April)
Katharina Mang (ED) 17th place of 66, 18th place in team(nordrhein III) of 25
Severin Laub (ED)33th place of 65, 2nd Place in team(Nordrhein I) of 28
Kira Verfondern (MK)53th place of 66

DM JUNIOREN FLORET (Saarbrucken 30 april/1may)
Martin Wieman (ED) 16th out of 98
Marko vd Koelen (ED) 53th out of 98
Christian Boy (ED) 63th out of 98
Lars Ebigt (ED)64th out of 98
HF Team Eintracht Duisburg 7th out of 19 teams

Sophie Brunets (MK) 54th out of 96
Laura Adler (ED)50th out of 96
Leonie Ebigt (ED)86th out of 96
Lucie Neuhaus (ED)45th out of 96
DF team Eintracht Duisburg 9th out of 11 teams

DM A-JUGEND HF (Tuttlingen 7/8 may)
Martin Wieman (ED) 3th out of 98
Marko vd Koelen (ED)33th out of 98
Lars Ebigt (ED)87th out of 98
Piet Leyendecker (ED)43 out of 98
HF Team Eintacht Duisburg 2th out of 17

DM A-JUGEND DF (Immendingen 4/5 June)
Sophie Brunets (MK) 13th of 98
Laura Adler (ED) 77th of 98
Leonie Ebigt (ED) 81th of 98
Sarah Woldt (ED) 67th of 98
DF Eintracht Duisburg team 8th of 19 team

DM B-JUGEND HD (Itzehoe 4/5 June)
Piet Leyendecker (ED)3rd place of 66

DM B-JUGEND DD (Solingen 18/19 June)
Katharina Mang (ED) 40th out of 62